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Fort Orange IPA


Style: India Pale Ale   |   ABV:  6.7%   |   IBU:  71   |

Light in color with enough malt to allow the hops to come through. Juicy with just the right amount of bitterness.  Rich with floral, citrus and pine notes.



Nipper IPA


Style:  India Pale Ale   |   ABV:  6.7%   |   IBU:  40   |

The Nipper IPA is refreshing any time of year with a light malt profile. Lively and refreshing with tons of tropical fruit in the nose and palate. Just enough bite to dance well with the light malts.



Style:  Pale Ale   |   ABV:   5.4%   |   IBU:  92   |

Earthy fruit such as blueberry, tangerine, and papaya come to the nose.  A slight sweet malt profile balances with the mosaic hop to create a refreshing beer that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.



Whistle Stopper


Style:  Amber Ale   |   ABV:   6.0%   |   IBU:   60   |

A solid backbone of malt with a hint of caramel and a bit of spice from rye malt.  The Whistle Stopper uses American hops to make this red more aggressive than a traditional Irish red.  A bold and easy drinker 

The General


Style:  Blonde Ale   |   ABV:   4.7%   |   IBU: 24   |

An easy drinking light ale. Subtle hints of floral/citrus will tickle the nose and allow the sweetness of the malt to come through. With Scottish malt as the backbone, don’t be surprised if the presence of a Scottish whiskey comes through on the palette.

Where'd Bob Go?

Style:  Rye Pale Ale   |   ABV:   5.8%   |   IBU: 35   |

Our take on a smooth drinking pale ale.  Earthy tones with caramel and toffee aroma and flavor. Rye malt and american hops blend together for a beer you can drink all year round.   

****Currently out of stock****



Pullman Porter

Style:  Smoked Porter    |    |ABV:  4.5%    |    IBU:  22    |

Brewed with a touch of smoked mesquite, this porter is bold yet smooth.  

Smallbany Series

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